In Pain – So I reached for the Pens!

Sadly with Fibromyalgia and various other medical conditions including Carpel Tunnel i’m just not up to colouring by pencil as the pressure needed to get a good amount of colour (especially with my WHSmith basic pencils) can be quite painful

So when I feel a bit too much pain I reach for the pens instead – I currently use Stabilo 68’s which are quite thick nibbed and tricky to use on very small and details colourings

I am quite pleased by the results though and these 3 colourings were completed over the last 2 nights whilst in a bit too much pain to do much else

As I started to feel better last night I also did a nice pencil and pen mixed colouring which I am particularly proud of – I chose Peacock type colours and quite like the result


Sadly I cannot tell you which books these images are from as when I first started colouring I had a very bad habit of unbinding all the books and storing all the loose pages together – so I now have a large bundle of images and no idea where they are from

I have splashed out today on some gel pens and fineliners so am looking forward to receiving them over the next few days and will post soon with what they are like and some colourings with them

I also have my eyes on some Faber Castell Polychromos Pencils on as reviews are super for them and hopefully they will be much softer for me and less painful to use and provide a better colour with less effort – I will keep you posted!

I’d love to hear what pens/pencils you use and especially any really nice soft and easy to use ones that may help with my pain condition


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