Colors of Whimsy 2 Review and Flip Through

I recent joined a raffle group on facebook and was delighted when I won this book. I’ve not actually coloured anything this intricate and beautiful before so I am greatly looking forward to delving into it.

The book is from Bev Choy and is her second book it is a very thin paper quality – maybe just slightly thicker than standard printing paper like you’d use at home.

Don’t let that put you off though as the images are one sided, beautiful and quite different to a lot of other colouring books out there.

I have done a silent flip through of the book on youtube here

There are a total of 35 images

None go all the way to the spine so the pages could be removed/framed easily

The quality and detail in the pictures is just lovely and the artist has used a fair amount of shading and texturing so these will colour up lovely

Due to the thin paper I would suggest using a sheet of card/paper in behind in case of bleedthrough if planning to use pens

The book is available on for £8.41 at the moment if you’d like to buy it

I will update with some of the completed and coloured in images at a later date

I would give this book a firm 8 out of 10 the thin paper just lets it down a little compared to some other books and the cover could do with being a bit thicker as well


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