Colouring from Colors of Whimsy 2 Book

I did a quick colouring last night from my newly received book Colors of Whimsy 2 by Bev Choy.

This is the first page in the book – I am trying to do them in order

I felt she had a fisherwoman look about her so wanted to run with that giving her sea blue hair and a green simple smock

Coloured using WHSmith basic colouring pencils – a set of 100 cost my £8.99 I believe and my first real issue with the pencils other than having to press quite hard and not much colour from them which I’d expected from budget pencils

My issue was lead breakages – I actually had to throw 1 pencil out as the lead just kept going and even microwaving a few seconds didn’t help. I also had several other lead breakages and had to resharpen the pencils a lot for the very small areas I was working on especially the hair strands.

However this image was lovely and I got so carried away colouring I didn’t check the time and was up til gone 1am with this one

My first attempt at skin tones – I like it but could do with being darker and not sure I’d get the colour depth needed from these pencils so I might revisit this image with some fineliners or my Polychromos Pencils when I get them to see if I can give it a little something extra

If I do I will repost the image and changes I made

I’d love to see your colouring for this image – so feel free to share in the comments


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