Review of Lost Ocean Colouring Book

I have made a youtube video review as well so please make sure to check that out


Another beautiful book from Johanna Basford. This time with an Ocean Theme.

This book is very well bound with a stunning removeable jacket which can be coloured in as well. Printed on white thick cardlike paper.

Images are double sided but I have used various colouring mediums and no bleedthrough at all. However you do get a bit of a shadow showing through but it’s a very minor issue.

There are some double pages spreads and some images do go into the spine but it is fairly easy to press flat and the images are well lined up so it is not an issue.

With a wide range of images from seascapes and ocean life to an amazing underwater city there is lots to colour and bring to life plus as with her other books there are hidden objects to discovers on your colouring journey.

This book is truely stunning and I personally plan on completing it pages to page and keeping it to show off to visitors

It gets a firm 10 out of 10 from me and I recommend it to you all

You can purchase from amazon here where it is currently on offer at £6.49


Mini Review of Animorphia and Work in Progress

I purchased Animorphia Colouring Book for myself this week

It is definitely a book for more experienced colourists as the images are very detailed and there are some images that require you to finish drawing them and add doodles of your own! There are also a lot of double page images so these are not quick 1-2 hour colouring projects and you can expect a large image to take a week or more to finish.

The book itself has images on both sides of the pages but the paper is quite thick and cardlike so there shouldn’t be any bleedthrough

I will do a more in depth review at a later date once I have completed a few of the images to show you all

For now here is my Work In Progress with my own doodles completing the image

REVIEW: Johanna Basford Pull Out and Frame Colouring Books


Johanna Basford colouring books are very very popular amongst adult colouring enthusiasts and I thought i’d do a review of these 2 lovely Artist Editions of her books Enchanted Forest and Secret Garden.

They are much larger than her normal versions of these books and each contains a selection of 20 images on a very very thick card.

These books are very barely bound with glue so just a slight tug and the card pages pull out nicely for framing – this does mean it’s hard to keep the book intact if you wanted to – so for that purpose i’d suggest the smaller and superbly bound editions of the books.

The images are one sided with just a little motif on the back of each page.

The images are on a larger scale than the normal versions of the book so a little less fiddly to colour in.

These books are made from very very thick card which would easily take any kind of colouring medium – pens, paints, pencils etc.. without any issues at all.

Here is an image I have completed using Fineliners and Pencils


The pages lay entirely flat so you can easily colour from the book and none of the images go into the spine so they are easy to colour.

Both books are available to buy from amazon:

Secret Garden Artist’s Edition: A Pull-Out and Frame Colouring Book

Enchanted Forest Artist’s Edition: A Pull-Out and Frame Colouring Book

These books are both lovely and I give them both a 10 out of 10


Simply Ways to Pick Colours

Many people ‘wing it’ and pick colours at random when colouring – this can sometimes lead to:

  • Too many colours being used and the overall picture looking confusing and jumbled
  • Too few colours being used and the picture looking dull and boring
  • Colours being used that clash quite badly and can be a bit of a headache

I’ve spoken to a few people who would love to give Adult Colouring a go but are daunted when it comes to choosing colours and are put off.


Depending on the size of your picture and how complex it is i’d recommend using 6-12 colours – perhaps with some extras for shading or huge double page spreads



Simply put this is literally picking your colours at random – you don’t know what you are going to end up with and it is an exciting way to learn how colours interact with each other and practice working with a limited palette.

Here is an example of a limited palette colouring I did with very few colours picked at random



Start by picking one colour and then choose each colour as you progress with your colouring – it is easy to lose track of how many colours you have used and I suggest trying the colours out on a scrap of paper as you go

Here is an example of a colouring where I winged it



I use this method quite a lot when colouring – I choose 2 opposite points on a colour wheel one for either end of a large image I am colouring and then follow the colours on the colour wheel in between.


For example on the Jelly fish image from Lost Ocean Colouring Book I decided on Orange and Blue

So the colours go from Orange, Orangey Red, Red, Reddy Pink, Pink, Pinky Purple, Purple, Blue

To make things a bit more interesting I then reversed this on some of the tentacles and had some shorter tentacles with just 1 or 2 colours



If you still don’t feel too comfortable using these methods above there are also a wide range of Colour Palette Generators online or as Apps on Mobiles and Tablets which work by either:

  • Generating a completely random palette for you
  • Generating a palette based on a photo or image you upload
  • Generating a palette based on one colour you pick
  • A library of palettes to pick and choose from

Here are some Colour Palette Generators – to find more try a search for ‘Colour Palette Generator’

If you have a different method for picking colours i’d love to hear about it and will gladly edit my post to mention it – so comment below!